Healthy School

Health and well-being are promoted throughout the school. We take pride in participating in Gwynedd healthy Schools Scheme and make daily efforts to promote the health and well-being of all pupils and staff. Stage 1, 2 and 3 of the Plan has been achieved and we are in the process of gathering evidence for stage 4.

Eating Fruits/Ysgol Brynaerau Fruit Shop

Children may only eat fruits during break-time. Every pupil is welcome to bring a fruit from home or fruits are sold at the school shop led by the older children and cook. We also sell fruit and vegetables to the community as part of the Health Challenge Wales campaign.

Drinking Water

A bottle of water is provided for every pupil at the school. The drinking water from the fountain is long established at the school and the pupils are very fond of water.

Criw Clên

Several of the school’s older pupils form part of the Criw Clen during break time. They take their responsibilities seriously ensuring that everybody is happy on the playground. They also lead play activities. A bench has been laid on the playground as a spot for the pupils to go to obtain the support of the group ‘CRIW CLÊN’. There are also a number of adults on the playground during break time to regularly monitor the children and to promote playground games.

Voice of The Children

We participate in the Wales Children Commission Ambassadors Scheme and two Ambassadors are responsible for ensuring that the children are aware of their rights and offer improvements to the school environment or activities. They are responsible for monitoring the Criw Clen’s work and report on any developments to the Governing Body. There is a hard-working School Council at the school that follows a programme of activities throughout the year. The pupils can express an opinion and share ideas on matters related to school life through leaving a note in the Ideas Box. They organize activities, fund-raising campaigns, promote a healthy school, and prepare questionnaires to obtain children or parents opinions.

This ensures that the voice of the child is focussed upon and that pupils improve aspects of school work. They also share their ideas with then Governing Body. Consequently, the children participate in planning improvements and in decision making to further develop the school.

Low Carbon Scheme/Sbarc a Fflic

The school is committed to Gwynedd Council energy saving scheme, with the ‘OWL’ committee weekly monitoring electricity and water use.