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Cymreictod, Cwrteisi, Caredigrwydd a Cheisio'n Gorau Glas

Our vision at Ysgol Brynaerau is to nurture ‘Cymreictod, Cwrteisi, Caredigrwydd a Cheisio’n gorau glas’ (Welsh ethos, Courtesy, Kindness and try our absolute best) amongst our pupils.

Every individual within the school community is appreciated and respected and we place a special pride of place and emphasis on celebrating achievements. We try and achieve this through providing a diverse, well-balanced and enriching Curriculum that provides plenty of engaging, diverse learning experiences and current and enriching resources to spur a natural curiosity in every child, irrespective of ability, race or gender. This, in turn, will equip the pupils for their future as local and global citizens. Firm roots are laid in their immediate environs, and their sense of Welsh ethos, loyalty towards the local community and their heritage whilst at the same time developing respect towards other faiths and cultures.


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